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What is BDIX and Some features of BDIX with BDIX server List in Bangladesh

BDIX is an IXP (Junction) where ISPs and other information administration suppliers gets associated among themselves. It was made in 2004. It is a not-revenue driven endeavor of the Sustainable Development Networking Foundation (SDNF) Bangladesh.

Network access suppliers used to get transmission capacity from different upstream suppliers from different piece of the world through- Submarine link, VSAT, MicroWave Links and so forth. At the point when information transmission starting with one ISP then onto the next ISP was obliged – it used to experience the upstream suppliers round the world and return to the foreordained ISP

Some unmistakable ISPs in Bangladesh could well comprehend the certainty and was anxious to make a trade among them so that nearby Internet activity may steered by regional standards. Year 2004 – United Nations Development Program (UNDP) took the activity through the venture named “Economical Development Networking Program” (SDNP).

From that point more than 50 ISPs and Mobile/information administrators got associated through BDIX.

Advantages of BDIX 

Spares International Bandwidth 

Well it is anything but difficult to think about what the profits are. Nearby data transfer capacity remains by regional standards. It implies when one client from an ISP sends a records to an alternate client in an alternate ISP – the information does not have to go out of the nation. This keeps the International passages free of information needed to go inside the nation. This spares the valuable International Bandwidth.

Low Latency 

An alternate advantage is – low dormancy. If there should arise an occurrence of neighborhood activity – information first goes to the BDIX from the source ISP and BDIX courses the information to foreordained ISP. This is just a matter of 3/4 jumps/hubs. This implies information voyages speedier.

High Data Volume 

One noteworthy profit is – an enormous information can be exchanged among the neighborhood clients. Since ISPs can get high transfer speed effortlessly from BDIX.

Download File Without BDIX
Download File With BDIX connectivity

Famous BDIX servers List in Bangladesh…………………………..

Tv Servers

FTP Servers

Torrent Servers

Movie Servers

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