How To Stop Facebook Video Auto Play? [100% Working]

The social giant Facebook has started the “AutoPlay” feature on Facebook. Now, every video will play automatically. No need to click on the play button of Facebook videos. I think, you don’t like this feature. Because, we lose a huge amount of bandwidth. This auto play feature makes slow our surfing speed. Sometimes, we are not interested to watch every video on Facebook. I think, playing videos on demand is the best. Because, it reduces internet data consumption.

Let’s stop the AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

How to turn off the AutoPlay Feature on Facebook?

First time, Facebook shows the message on the running video. The message is “Autoplay is now turned on when you use Facebook on the web. You can choose if videos autoplay in your settings“. You’ve to click on the “settings” option. If you’ve not seen this message on the running video, you’ve to go to directly the settings option (https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=videos).

Under the “Video” tab, go to the “Auto-Play Videos” section and click the dropdown arrow of “Default” button and click on the “Off” option.

Now, you’ve changed the setting successfully. Now, never play any video automatically on Facebook.

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