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FTP Server List (Active) BDIX Based FTP Server List

Here you can find many ISP Server of Bangladesh which is collected from internet.We hope it is useful for Broadband internet users.

Bangladeshi ISP Server BDIX Server List For Broadband Internet Users………..Enjoy High Speed Downloading………….Loading…………………..

FTP Server List (Active)

NIX Based FTP Server List (Operator: BDIX):


1. (X-Press Technology Limited)

2. (Tomato Web Limited)

3. (BUCT Communication)

4. (BUCT Communication)

5. (Orange Communication)

6. (Nextgen Networks Limited)

7. (Aalok IT Limited)


Local FTP Server List:


1. (KS Network)

2. (

3. (BDMAX Cybernet)

4. (Bot-Tola Cyber Net)

5. (Advance IT Enable ISP)

6. (Barua Cable Network)

7. (Sam Online)

8. (X-Press Technology Limited)

9. (TigerNet)

Live TV Portal (Active)

Live TV Portal Details (Only Active Links)
Service Provided by: Exord Online Limited


Status: Active
Service Provided by: Tomato Web Limited


Status: Active
Service Provided by: Pipex Network


Status: Active

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