How to Access/Browse Windows PC Folders From Your Android Mobile Over WiFi

While talking about the AirDroid for Android the other day, we discussed how you can use the application to manage your phone’s data and files from your PC using a WiFi connection. But what if you want it the other way? What if you wanted to access a folder on your Windows PC on your phone and edit the files present in it?

Of course using an online backup tool is an option but you might not want to put a folder there just because of the purpose of sharing on your phone. You should be able to access it directly through WiFi, right?

You all probably know about file sharing in Windows and how it can be used to work on files hosted on different computers using a network connection (LAN or WiFi). Today we will see to use the same principle of file sharing and access files shared on your Windows PC on your Android.

Let me first show you how you can share a particular folder on Windows. And then we will move to the Android part of the process.

Step 1:
>Download and install WiFi LAN Server V.1.1.9

NOTE : PC must have .Net Framework 2.0 installed.

>Download and install Wifi PC File Explorer Android Apps

>Enable your handset Wifi Hotspot and connect from your laptop.

Step 2: Add Server IP in Phone/Tablet/Android TV

METHOD 1 : Scan QR Code

A ) If “Scan QR Code” is not appearing, use Method 2

B )

OR, METHOD 2 : Manually

A )

B )

Step 3: While connecting to server, make sure firewall doesn’t block the Wifi LAN Server and enjoy streaming.

Thats it.

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